Our social responsibility

At Explore Sipi, we place sustainable and responsible travel at the core of all the travel services that we provide. We aim to impact the local community effort to conserve the the natural and cultural heritage of sipi by promoting sustainable and responsiible travel.

 By promoting sustainable travel, we desire to: Preserve and conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Sipi area; Raise awareness about the importance of preserving and conserving the natural and cultural heritage of Sipi;  Increase community engagement and participation in conservation efforts, as well as an increase in the adoption of sustainable tourism practices by local businesses, travel agencies and organizations; Attract environmentally conscious and socially responsible travelers, who will be more likely to engage in sustainable tourism practices and contribute to conservation efforts during their visit to Sipi.

Our cause

We understand the importance of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Sipi for future generations to enjoy. That’s why we are dedicated to promoting sustainable and responsible travel, in order to make a positive impact on the local community and their efforts to conserve the environment, while creating an unforgettable travel experience for our guests.

We believe that responsible and sustainable travel is not only essential for preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Sipi, but also for ensuring the well-being of the local communities that call this place home.

Our project activities

We work closely with local and international  partners, development organizations and travel agencies and the community to support conservation efforts, promote sustainable tourism practices, and contribute to the economic and social development of the local community of Sipi. Our commitment to sustainable travel also extends to our internal operations, where we strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote ethical and responsible business practices. 

Community Clean up

We organize regular community clean-up events as a great way to promote conservation and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Sipi. Some of the clean up activities include picking up trash and debris, planting trees and other vegetation, and removing invasive species. This not only helps to keep the area clean and beautiful, but also helps to preserve the natural habitats of local wildlife.

Preservation workshops

We also organize and carry out cultural preservation workshops  These workshops include traditional arts and crafts, such as pottery, basket weaving, textile making, traditional music, dance, and storytelling. These workshops also provide a way for visitors (travellers) to engage with local community and learn more about thel culture.

Eco-tourism Initiatives

We also encourage and promote eco-tourism as a way to promote sustainable travel and support conservation efforts in the community. Our eco-tourism activities iclude: offering guided tours that focus on conservation and cultural preservation, promoting sustainable transportation options, and encouraging the use of eco-friendly accommodations. 

Our impact

Promoting sustainable travel through community-based activities not only preserves and conserves the natural and cultural heritage of the local community of sipi, but it also fosters mutual understanding and respect among visitors (travellers) and locals. This not only creates a unique and authentic travel experience for visitors, but it also supports the conservation efforts in the community and contributes to the economic and social development of the local community, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the area for future generations to enjoy

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How you can get involved and support our cause

We invite you to join us in our conservation efforts to preserve and protect the unique environment, as well as the cultural heritage sites that make Sipi such a special place. Through a variety of activities, you can help us in our mission to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty and diversity of Sipi. 

Volunteer with us

You can volunteer your time to participate in community clean-up events, cultural preservation workshops, and eco-tourism initiatives. This can include anything from picking up trash, planting trees, and removing invasive species to teaching traditional arts and crafts, music, dance, and storytelling.

Partner with us

You can partner with us and join our efforts to support to conserve and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Sipi community. This can include working together on community clean-up events, cultural preservation workshops, and eco-tourism initiatives, as well as sharing resources and expertise.

Donate to a project

You can make financial contributions to support conservation and preservation efforts in the community. This can include donations to local conservation organizations, support for cultural preservation initiatives, or funding for eco-tourism projects.